What are some of the most common operational errors when administering the Retirement Plan?

Our Retirement Plan Team shares some of the most common operational errors among our UU employers when administering the UU Retirement Plan.
  1. Neglecting to make employER contributions for employees who have met the eligibility criteria. (Reminder: those eligible for contributions must receive them and cannot opt out.) Please see additional information on determining eligibility for employer contributions.
  2. Employees eligible for employER contributions, not enrolling in the Plan.  If you have an employee that is eligible to receive employER contributions, you must make sure that the employee gets enrolled in the Plan so that they can receive those contributions. The employee cannot opt out of receiving the contributions, nor can the employer not make the contributions if the employee fails to enroll. Contributions not posted according to the timing outlined in the Plan document will be subject to Lost Earnings. Please reach out to the Retirement Plan Team at retirementplan@uua.org if you need assistance in enrolling an employee. If necessary, we can "force enroll" an employee.