How is an Hour of Service defined in the Plan?

Hour of Service Definition

Note that “Employer” refers to a UU Employer that has adopted the Plan.

2.22 Hour of Service
“Hour of Service” means:
(a) Each hour for which an Employee is paid or entitled to payment for the performance of duties for an Employer. These hours shall be credited to the Employee for the computation period or periods in which the duties are
(b) Each hour for which an Employee is paid or entitled to payment by an Employer on account of a period of time during which no duties are performed (irrespective of whether the employment relationship has terminated) due to vacation, holiday, illness, incapacity (including Disability), layoff, jury duty, military duty or leave of absence. No more than 501 Hours of Service shall be credited under this Paragraph for any single continuous period (whether or not such period occurs in a single computation period). Hours under this Paragraph shall be calculated and credited pursuant to Department of Labor Regulation Section 2530.200b-2, which is incorporated by reference; and
(c) Each hour for which back pay, irrespective of mitigation of damages, is either awarded or agreed to by an Employer. The same Hours of Service shall not be credited under Paragraph (a) or Paragraph (b) and under this Paragraph (c). These hours shall be credited to the computation period or periods to which the award or agreement pertains rather than the computation period in which the award, agreement or payment is made.

An Employee who is absent from work for Parental Leave shall receive credit for the Hours of Service which would otherwise have been credited to him or her but for his or her Parental Leave. In any case in which such Hours of Service cannot be determined, the Employee shall receive credit for eight Hours of Service for each day of Parental Leave.

Hours of Service rendered by an individual at two or more Employers, consecutively or concurrently, are to be aggregated for the purpose of making the Year of Eligibility Service determination.