How do we know if we have an Employer Participation Agreement (EPA) with the UU Retirement Plan, and how do we make elections and changes?

Each participating employer in the UU Retirement Plan has an Employer Participation Agreement (EPA) on file with the Office of Church Staff Finances. As a reminder, your EPA spells out the specific commitments you've made, including the employer contribution percentage you are offering to eligible staff. Be sure that you know where your EPA is kept and the elections you've chosen. (You'll need your EPA to complete the Benefits Tune-up Workbook.)

If your organization is newly considering adopting the UU Retirement Plan, please review the resources and steps outlined on the Sample Adoption/Implementation Calendar webpage for the UU Retirement Plan.

Once an EPA has been approved by our office, it stays in force unless or until the organization submits a new EPA and has it approved by the Retirement Plan Committee for the next calendar year. Amendments can only be implemented at the start of a Plan year (calendar year).

The deadline to implement an amended EPA is 30 days prior to the start of the next Plan year (January 1, XXXX)

Amended agreements must be emailed to with a copy of the board resolution confirming the change.